TS Villa 2
Bandung, West Java, 2021

Nestled among the trees, TS Villa II is the second of a two-part villa complex. Located in northern Bandung, the villa sits on a steep slope left as is, along with the surrounding trees.

The villa is conceived with a similar intention, to capture the presence of the surrounding nature. At the same time, it was also designed in response to the previously built villa.

While it features a resemblant form as it is a two-part villa arrangement, the villa also imbued distinguished character as a singular entity. Differing program requirements dictate its rectangular plan, as the building footprint is kept minimum. A secondary pavilion separates itself from the main building and functions as a parking area and a roof terrace. The pavilion was tilted from the main building to create a dynamic interaction between the masses and the trees around them.

The site is gifted with a vast, well-preserved exuberant landscape as its backdrop. The villa opens itself to the landscape, with high ceiling on the main living space allowing more space for the horizon, so the tall trees and bursts of light paint the interior. Split-level treatment is introduced in response to the raw slope of the site and creates needed tension within the interior.

Project partners
Principal Architect Salman Rimaldhi, Dhanie Syawalia
Architect In Charge Ferdio Ariatama
Team Sharen Novira
Photographs Salman Rimaldhi