TS Villa 1
Bandung, West Java, 2021

TS Villa I is conceived with the intention to capture the presence of the surrounding nature. Located on a hillside in northern Bandung, the villa sit alongside well maintained shady trees. Terracing arrangements is made to tame and soften the harsh contour, serves as a flat bed for the villa.

The plan is organized in a long, rather simple linear manner. Openings placed strategically to break the rigidity of the form and the space, allowing the light, the trees, and its shadows to come into play and be a part of the interior. The outer wall is recessed form the defining box, providing shades to both exterior and interior. Material palette kept muted, unfinished textured plaster covered the whole exterior complimenting the surrounding greeneries.

The interior defined by warm and natural materials. A set of dining table, chairs, credenza, and coffee table were custom made with solid teak, counterbalance the rigorous exterior.

Project partners
Principal Architect Salman Rimaldhi, Dhanie Syawalia
Construction Surya Lesmana
Photographs Kafin Noeman