SS Residence
West Jakarta, 2022

A house for a couple and their three children, SS Residence is located in a densely populated neighbourhood where it sits adjacent to a high-traffic street. This series of circumstances made privacy a major concern for the occupants, but due to the density of the neighbourhood, the design also seeks to be understated and blend with the surroundings. This is achieved by responding to how the surrounding looks, opting not to look too different within its neighbourhood, and choosing to echo what is familiar to its area.

The issue of privacy is resolved by making the few openings that are located in the front of the house are either small or covered with ventilation blocks. To minimizes the house’s reliance on air conditioning and to maximise its natural ventilation, the opening at the back of the house are generously sized which also allows copious amounts of light comes into the house.

The house is entirely monochromatic inside and out. The exterior is clad with textured plaster that is painted grey paired with ventilation blocks that can be seen throughout the exterior and interior of the house. Upon entering the house the contrast of the white interior walls and the furnitures that are dominated by the colour black and grey greets the occupants. Besides its colour and textures, materials that are being used are also chosen due to its ease of maintenance.

With the total gross area of 216 m2 on a 156m2 plot of land, the house dedicates its ground floor for spaces that are communal in nature. On its ground floor lays the living room, dining room and pantry area that are melted into one, with the addition of a spill-out area in the form of a backyard next to them. The service area and wet kitchen are tucked in a corner of their own with a direct pathway from the carport area. Also provided is a praying area that can be used by the whole family and guests. 

The first floor is where all the bedrooms are located; a master bedroom, and two children’s bedrooms, while two of the three children are currently sharing a bedroom the walls of the said bedroom are configured ready to be split once each child needs to have a room of their own. These series of bedrooms are arranged in the configuration of double loaded corridor that is illuminated by a skylight clad with glass roofs. The first floor also has its own living room that directly connects to a sizable balcony that serves as its own spill-out area, sheltered with ventilation blocks obstructing the view from the roadside and allowing the user to bask under the sunlight on their own solitude.

Principal Architects Salman Rimaldhi, Dhanie Syawalia
Architect In Charge Ferdio Ariatama
Interior Designer Vania Sabrina Dara
Construction Advicon Indonesia
Interior Construtction Intereka
Photographs Ernest Theofilus