Petak 25
Bintaro, 2021

Petak 25 is located right in the middle of Bintaro ever-changing neighborhood from a residential area into a commercial-dominated district.

The cafe which also adjoining an exhibition space and a dental clinic is designed to respond to the issue. Rather as a mere public space, it is conceived as an inviting place for everyone to feel at home, reflecting the spirit of the neighborhood.

Occupying a recently renovated house, the intervention is done silently while also trying to leave its own mark.

On the exterior, an additional layer of timber frame using reclaimed ulin wood (Ironwood) is placed ahead of the existing window. It adds an extra layer of privacy for the interior, and functions as well as an outdoor table.

The frame compliantly follows the pattern of the window arrangement. The woodworking done as raw as possible, giving a just enough warmth quality of a home in a sense.

The cafe interior designed as if it was an interior of a house. Each area has its counterparts; the ground floor area is the living room, the first floor area is the dining room, and the outdoor area is the house’s terrace.

Welcoming the guests, a wooden long table attached to the front window, accompanied by low-height bar seatings. Two sets of sofa and armchairs arranged side by side, along with coffee table and custom rugs. The coffee bar set as the backdrop of the living room, with mustard colored handmade tiles being its highlight.

Resembling an organic and spontaneous quality of a living room, the interior elements are intentionally chosen differently from each other. Its different form and natural flow of color breaks the formality and rigidity often found in a public space, evoking memory of home.


Principal Architect Dhanie Syawalia
Architect In Charge Marsha Naufal
Photographs Jonathan Raditya