RN Residence
Bandung, 2020

Situated within a dense residential area in South Tangerang, R&N Residence is a renovation project with a rather limited budget and short construction period. The brief is to breathe a new life into the existing building as well as to improve the living space of the existing house, within the said constraints

The intervention and additional structure were kept minimum to avoid unnecessary costs. Ornaments from the existing buildings were stripped down to declutter and reemphasize the basic form. The exterior is rendered with grey paint, forming a monolithic stack of boxes.

Located on a corner land plot, the house has two sides facing the street. Openings towards the south side are blocked and filtered by a vent block screen to maintain privacy from the neighbours, while openings towards the east side were rearranged to capture the existing trees, maximizing the views. A single plane roof with wide eaves hanging over the house, unifying the boxes and providing deep shades for the walls and openings.

The rearranged openings become the main orientation for the interior, embracing the greeneries into the rooms. The interior walls were reorganized for the space to flow organically, allowing more flexible use of the space.

Project partners
Principal Architect Dhanie Syawalia
Architect In Charge Faisal Isfan