MRG Residence
Depok, West Java, 2023

MRG Residence is a house for a budding family intended to grow along with its residence. Located on the outskirts of Jakarta, the house is designed as purposeful and efficient, resulting in a compact and small footprint. The arrangements allow the spaces to be surrounded by its garden, where a later extension of the house would take place.

Its roof drapes and creases down its facade. Alongside the roof part of the massing is peeking through, the two solid planes invoke a strongly geometric form. Its strong appearance is softened with its lush greeneries 

The house’s outdoor areas are treated as important as the indoor area where each part offers distinctive characters and differs from one to another. The entrance is seeded with a tapestry of lush ferns, along with a concrete bench and a series of low-rise steps, acting as a welcome gesture. The backyard is a sloped patch of grass with a tall moringa tree, while the side yard is covered with loose gravel where a sequence of smaller trees are carefully planted.

Generous air circulation is integral to the design. The house’s wide opening seamlessly connects the inside and outside, inviting the sun and air in. Integrated ventilation above the ceiling facilitates the flow of hot air to exit the house, while the play on the porous barricade of ventilation blocks allows a gentle breeze of air to occur naturally.

The central area of the house is equipped with generous openings throughout its sides, making the backyard the primary spectacle upon entering the house. In order to blend the nature outside with the interior further, a patch of the backyard is sloped towards the building mass, allowing the greenery to greet the residents upon entering the house. The intent for compactness and embrace of nature results in warm and intimate spaces.

Principal Architects Salman Rimaldhi, Dhanie Syawalia
Architect In Charge Marsha Naufal, Mohamad Irvansyah
Interior Designer Vania Sabrina Dara
Photographs Ernest Theofilus