KD Residence
South Jakarta, 2023

Tucked in a densely populated neighbourhood of South Jakarta, a steeply angled roof dominates the facade of KD Residence. Its gesture and scale are set to mingle with its busy neighbourhood and to hide the occupants from the commotion outside. The house seeks to become a home that shelters and welcomes not just the occupants, but also their closest ones.

Once inside the house, a wide opening immediately shows the backyard where luscious greenery and the pool can be seen. This splash of nature serves as the backdrop of the sunken conversation pit that acts as the centre of the house. The ceiling is slanted and double in height, with its slopes conforming to the roof’s contour. At the top of the slope is a skylight that splits open the roof illuminating the space beneath it. 

Behind the conversation pit is where the pantry and dining area are, hidden on its right is the service area with access directly from the carport and on its left is the master bedroom is comfortably tucked in on the corner of the house, an operable opening span almost throughout the bedroom width, with the windows facing directly towards the backyard the sound of nature greets the owner every morning. 

Heading upstairs sits a working area, a bathroom and two additional bedrooms for the children and the guests are arranged in a linear manner, its corridor is guarded with railings that still maintain the connection between the first floor and the ground floor.

The play of texture is happening throughout the house, the grey plaster wall dominates the exterior and white serves as the dominant colour of the interior walls, complemented by traces of textured natural stone on some of its walls as well as the warm wood of the furniture and the pit’s floor.

KD Residence aspires to become a welcoming gathering spot for its residents, friends, and family.

Principal Architects Salman Rimaldhi, Dhanie Syawalia
Architect In Charge Ferdio Ariatama
Interior Designer Vania Sabrina Dara
Photographs Ernest Theofilus