HK Residence
Jakarta, 2022

In the middle of a busy sprawl in Southern Jakarta, HK Residence lies on a narrow yet long plot of land.

Formed as a series of introverted boxes, its exterior is adorned with textured plaster that is left unfinished, mindful of the changes that time will bring . In contrast, the interior is clad with white, instilling a sense of calmness into the house. 

Huddled between two taller buildings, the masses of the building are not only long but also vertically stretched to harmonise itself with the surroundings. This verticality is echoed in the main interior, with its double-height ceiling and its tall opening embracing the sun that is coming onto it. Its slender site allows the house to have a sizeable setback, creating a break from the restless street.

Openings on the front are intentionally made sparse. Windows located mostly at the back of the house, where lush greenery spreads on its walls. 

The main area is raised half storey higher than the street level. A long ramp connects the two different levels, such sequence gives the house a room to breathe ensuring gradual changes from the bustling streets in the front to its quiet interior. The living and dining area acts as a melting pot between the domestic activities of the house that is placed on the ground floor and the bedrooms that are situated on the second floor. The backyard is designated as the main orientation of the main area, in contrast, from the master bedroom busy Jakarta cityscape is peaking from its lattices-covered window. 

For its residence, the long and quiet HK Residence serves as a gentle fade out from the hustle and bustle of Jakarta and vice versa a soft intro to start the day from.

Principal Architects Salman Rimaldhi, Dhanie Syawalia
Architect In Charge Ferdio Ariatama
Construction Advicon Indonesia
Photographs Ernest Theofilus