DH Residence
Jakarta, 2022

DH Residence is a house 2 storeys house renovation project that is located in Bintaro, South Tangerang. Working with a tight budget, the problem that the existing building has to deal with is an unorganized room programming and the lack of natural ventilation and lighting.

The intervention that is done to the design is done not by addition but instead, with reductions of the building mass. The existing building previously occupies the site without any gaps is now cut down 2 meters wide on certain strategical areas, allowing the house to enjoy natural ventilation and lighting.

DH Residence is reprogrammed for a more effective and comfortable space. Neutral and natural colour schemes clad the interior to create a sense of warmth while keeping it functional. A few of the furniture elements are reused and refinished to align itself with the new design palette.

Principal Architects Salman Rimaldhi, Dhanie Syawalia
Photographs Jonathan Raditya