CR Residence
South Jakarta, 2023

CR Residence is a house to tell stories. The house occupies less than half of its generous 1200 square meters of land, keeping the rest of the land as open spaces and vast grass fields. This attitude subtly renounces the density and rigidity of its urban context and embraces the uncertainties of nature to fill the house with life.

The gestures of the house describe itself as a direct response to its tropical context. Wide eaves from the roof cast a deep shadow below it. A corridor is put on both the front and the back of the main bedrooms, acting as a buffer to control the direct sunlight and cool the house further. A covered terrace at the back of the house carries a similar objective while also serving as an intermediary between the main living area and the backyard.

Principal Architects Dhanie Syawalia, Salman Rimaldhi
Architect In Charge Ferdio Ariatama
Interior Designer Vania Sabrina Dara
Drafter Fery Yulianto
Photographs Ernest Theofilus