A&T Residence
South Tangerang, 2023

Square concrete vent blocks screen and simple gable roof define the exterior of A&T Residence. Each represents the focus of the renovation project, on the optimization of natural light, ventilation, and straightforward solutions to the tropical context.

The renovation adds another volume on top of the existing single-story house and increases the size of the existing garden, even gaining two new ones. The three gardens accommodate natural light and allowing the airflow to run through the house while serving different roles spatially.

The house is flanked by the three gardens. Aside from the pragmatic purposes, the landscape presence is permeating throughout the house, expanding the interior spaces and offering sights to look at.

A solid wooden shutter is inlaid into the vent blocks grid, providing control over direct sunlight and privacy for the main bedroom. Aside from privacy control, the wooden shutter is also applied on the bedroom walls as airflow control, connecting the rooms and creating cross ventilation when necessary.

Principal Architects Dhanie Syawalia, Salman Rimaldhi
Architect In Charge Mohammad Irvansyah, Ferdio Ariatama
Interior Designer Vania Sabrina Dara
Photographs Ernest Theofilus