AS Residence
Cinere, West Java, 2023

AS Residence is a renovation project located in a quiet residential neighborhood. The interventions to the house are intentionally done as little as possible, working tightly with the existing structural elements with the original plan mostly kept as is to adhere to the specified budget. Details and finishings were redone in simpler manner, both in terms of forms and materials.

The front yard is reactivated as an extended common sitting area. The living room and master bedroom open towards the front yard, connected by placing a new large opening in front of each room. The concrete vent block wall provides a gentle cover for the front yard and the rooms beneath it.

While an additional service area was introduced in the attic, the main living area is kept as a single-story house, which allows it to have extensive play to its ceiling. The entrance and the main circulation space of the living area have a double-height ceiling adhering to the roof pitch, while the sitting and dining areas have a flat and lower ceiling to keep the intimate quality of the space.

Principal Architects Dhanie Syawalia, Salman Rimaldhi
Architect In Charge Mohammad Irvansyah
Interior Designer Vania Sabrina Dara
Interior Construtction Intereka
Photographs Jonathan Raditya, Salman Rimaldhi