A&I Residence
East Jakarta, 2021

A&I Residence stood as an introverted house situated in a dense residential neighbourhood.

Facing west, the house needed protection from intense direct sunlight. The design features an asymmetrical pitch roof with generous eaves hovering over the house providing needed shades. Openings are kept minimum from facing the front to avoid the heat, giving the house an introverted character. Where an opening is necessary, a wooden lattice screen is present to reduce direct sunlight without compromising natural lighting and visual access.

While the house closed itself to the front, it opens towards the inside. The courtyard provides enough light for the house during the day, and the operable glass door gives way for cross ventilation, giving the house the ability to breathe, and minimizing the need for air conditioning.

Textured render wall was chosen as the exterior finishing. The natural grey color is meant to reduce the intensity of the sunlight reflection on the exterior wall, establishing a quiet tone. Wood materials are used as doors, window screens, and floor finishing for the courtyard, giving the house an intimate sense of hospitality for the users.  Concrete vent blocks are presented to cover the flipped service area positioned in front of the house, reducing the visuals while also providing the needed airflow. Three rows of the vent blocks were taken out, carving a pocket to hide the opened gate.



Principal Architects Salman Rimaldhi, Dhanie Syawalia
Architect In Charge Ferdio Ariatama
Construction Advicon Indonesia
Photographs Jonathan Radityas