A&A Residence
South Tangerang, 2023

A renovation project that lies on the edge of Bintaro, A&A residence is a home for two. The project extends the space of the house and magnifies the use of each of its corners. Also introduced is a practical secondary layer to the façade, giving the form an overhaul while still being respectful to the typology of the neighbourhood by maintaining the form of the original roof of the house.


Heading upstairs, floors are extended both on the front and the back of the house. The back is extended for the working area, and the front addition allows the master bedroom to become more spacious. The addition on its front also allows a balcony to be constructed, this balcony is accessible for both the master bedroom and the children’s bedroom.


The house faces the west and is immediately opposite a neighbour.  A need to limit visual interaction between the house and also reduce the heat from sun exposure inside the house becomes an urgent need. Such an issue might be considered a disadvantage to some but this is transformed into to basis of the architectural expression of the facade. The facade is covered with stacks of concrete ventilation blocks, obscuring the direct visual exchange while allowing gentle sun rays to seep through the window that sits behind it. To veil the inside of the house even further, the concrete ventilation blocks are rotated 45 degrees to the south, directing the views from the inside to a patch of greeneries.

Principal Architects Salman Rimaldhi, Dhanie Syawalia
Architect In Charge Marsha Naufal
Photographs Ernest Theofilus